Lucy Colman Home Site, Rochester

Driveway between these two buildings on Central Avenue just east of Ormond Avenue (the left-hand building is 438 Central) may be the sole remaining vestige of the former Chatham Street.

Beginning in 1857 Lucy Colman lived at 33 Chatham Street. That may have been the year when Colman taught at -- and, according to her autobiography, scuttled -- a segregated school; Rochester’s last segregated school closed in that year, whatever role Colman did or did not play in its closure.

Colman still appears in a Rochester city directory from 1864, by which time she had emerged as a controversial speaker for both abolition and woman’s rights.

Chatham Street no longer exists, apparently a casualty of the I-490 highway and urban renewal. Its last vestige seems to be a driveway between two industrial buildings on Central Avenue.