Amy and Isaac Post Gravesite

Overall view of the Post family plot. Gravestones of Isaac and Amy Post are in the foreground. All images in this series are looking west. Click on photo for a larger image in new window.
Type: Officially Marked Monument Involved: Post, Amy
Location: 1133 Mount Hope Avenue, Range 2, Lot 121
Rochester, NY
Cause: Abolition; Freethought / Atheism / Secular Humanism; Woman’s Rights / Suffrage

Abolitionist, woman’s rights activist, and freethinker Amy Post (died 1889) is buried in Rochester’s elegant Mount Hope Cemetery, part of a mutli-grave Post family plot. She is buried alongside her husband Isaac, who predeceased her in 1872. The Post family plot is located in the southeastern quadrant of the cemetery, in the northwestern quadrant of the tract bounded by Second, Elm, Woodland, and Evergreen Avenues.