Ka-Na-Te-Na Club

Side view of the apartment structure that once housed the Ka-Na-Te-Na Club.
Type: Unmarked Location Involved: Mills, Harriet May
Location: 615 James Street
Syracuse, NY
Cause: Woman’s Rights / Suffrage

In 1914, Syracuse-based suffragist Harriet May Mills organized and chaired a three-day regional suffrage conference in Syracuse. The event was held at the Syracuse YWCA and at the Ka-Na-Te-Na Club, a then-prominent local women’s organization. Apparently the Ka-Na-Te-Na Club owned or rented space in this grand apartment building in an elegant Syracuse neighborhood. Though the club’s name is clearly of Native American derivation, its meaning its unknown. The club is believed to have ceased operations in the 1960s. Persons with more information on the Ka-Na-Te-Na Club are urged to contact Freethought Trail management at tflynn@centerforinquiry.net.

After the 1960, both the building and the neighborhood declined. But the neighborhood is now enjoying a renaissance, and in 2014 the apartment building was grandly rehabilitated and reopened as part of the Kasson Place complex.