Mary Edwards Walker Death Place

The Dwyer residence, home of neighbors who cared for Mary Edwards Walker during her final illness, no longer stands. A mid-twentieth century Colonial-style suburban house now occupies the site.
Type: Unmarked Location Involved: Walker, Mary Edwards
Location: 598 County Route 20
Oswego, NY
Cause: Woman’s Rights / Suffrage; Dress Reform

Whenever she was resident in Oswego, Mary Edwards Walker lived in the house where she was born. When she was too ill to live independently, nearby neighbors -- the Dwyers -- took her in. She died in the Dwyer house on February 21, 1919, aged 86.

The ultimate fate of the Dwyer residence is not known. Whatever may have befallen it, sometime after the midpoint of the twentieth century it was replaced by the Colonial-style suburban that occupies the hilly site today.