Elizabeth Cady Stanton House

This house, to which Elizabeth and her husband Henry moved from Boston in 1847, played a key role in shaping the views of Ms. Stanton.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her husband Henry moved from Boston to Seneca Falls in 1847, taking up residence in this house. The house would play a key role in shaping Ms. Stanton’s feminist views. Burdened by the responsibilities of caring for the new house as well as three children, she soon realized that it is impossible for a woman to develop her full potential when her life is consumed with housework.

Though located a few blocks away from Seneca Falls’s other women’s-rights attractions, the Stanton House is part of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park. The National Park Service spent lavishly to restore the house; the process is lauded as a model for the highest level of historical structure rehabilitation.

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