C. B. Reynolds Palmyra lecture site

Reynolds’s "Liberal Tent" was round and some fifty feet in diameter. This engraving, including Reynolds in the foreground (moustached) reading the freethought paper The Truth Seeker appeared in that publication’s "annual" for 1886.

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Type: Unmarked Location Involved: Reynolds, Charles B.
Location: Jackson Street south of Gates Street
Palmyra, NY
Cause: Freethought / Atheism / Secular Humanism

This is inferred to be the location of the "old circus grounds" in Palmyra where freethought lecturer C. B. Reynolds pitched his tent and delivered a freethought oration on June 25, 1886. This was one stop on the tent lecture tour that gave rise to his famous blasphemy prosecution in Boonton, New Jersey, in which he was defended by Robert Green Ingersoll.

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