L. Frank Baum First Syracuse Home Site

This humble Family Dollar store may -- or may not -- mark the physical location of the Baum family's first Syracuse residence at 1 Rust Street.
Type: Unmarked Location Involved: Baum, L. Frank
Location: Midland Avenue and West Onandaga Street
Syracuse, NY
Cause: Woman’s Rights / Suffrage; Freethought / Atheism / Secular Humanism

In 1861, when L. Frank Baum was five years old, the Baum family sold its businesses and holdings in Chittenango and moved to what was then an up-and-coming neighborhood in Syracuse.

Pioneer farmer N. P. Rust was one of the first such landholders to subdivide his land and sell it as home lots; today’s Midland Avenue was known as Rust Street. The Baums lived at 1 Rust Street. Historians differ over the home’s exact location, some preferring the parking lot behind a funeral home at 508 W. Onondaga to this location.

The Baums moved from here to nearby Mattydale, the estate that provided young L. Frank Baum with idyllic childhood memories.