Elizabeth Smith Miller Cazenovia Home

This beige house currently occupies 15 Sullivan Street. Evidently it has been expanded several times. It is unknown whether some part of this stricture housed the Millers during the 1840s, or whether the core of the current structure replaced the home Elizabeth Smith Miller and her husband occupied as newlyweds.

In October 1843, Elizabeth Smith Miller -- suffrage activist and daughter of abolitionist / philanthropist Gerrit Smith -- married Charles Dudley Miller of Cazenovia. Beriah Green, a prominent abolitionist minister, officiated at a ceremony held in Peterboro, the location of Gerrit Smith’s estate. As newlyweds, the couple lived in a house at this location in Cazenovia. They remained until 1846, at which time they returned to Peterboro. The couple resided in Peterboro for eighteen years before moving to Lochland, the lakeside estate in Geneva where Elizabeth would conduct salons for radicals and reformers, and where she would persuade millionaire and closeted freethinker William Smith to found the William Smith College for Women, now a component of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

The current house on this lot shows signs that it was added to over the years. Whether the core of the house is the same structure in which the newlywed Millers resided during the 1840s is not known.

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